Socomec will be present at EES Munich (Booth B2.130) at Messe München


Socomec, the French company specialised in battery energy storage solutions (BESS) will showcase on Intersolar their updated version of Sunsys HES L SKID : a plug and play and easy to start storage system designed to improve overall efficiency, installation, transport, and maintenance time for customers.


Fully factory tested and cycled

“One of the challenges BESS systems users encounter when they first install their system is that they have to cycle their batteries in order to equilibrate the batteries Lithium cells’ Voltages before using the system” explains Elodie Hestin, Energy Storage specialist at Socomec.

This initial cycling consists of, for Lithium LFP batteries, one full discharge cycle, one full charge cycle and one last full discharge cycle and must ideally be carried out at batteries’ nominal power. If this operation can easily be performed in a C&I building with a high power grid connection and heavy electrical loads, it is much more difficult to achieve on remote sites such as electric vehicles charging stations where grid connection is rarely exceeding tens of kVA and no constant electrical loads are available.

In order to allow their partners to deploy networks of EV charging stations in a fast, comfortable and reliable way, Socomec has decided to sell these products initially cycled in factory removing this burden from their partners’ shoulders. This also means that every Sunsys HES L SKID system delivered has been tested at full power in factory before shipping, avoiding last minutes’ on site commissioning bad surprises.


BESS are a matter of return on investment

“This new industrial process ensures on-site installation and operational success; saving our customers precious time and costs to achieve faster short-term return on investment.

Moreover, Socomec SKIDS systems are henceforth available with 0,5P or 1P power ratings*, covering a wider range of energy storage applications : 0,5P Batteries for longer autonomy applications when 1P batteries respond to higher power demands. “Choosing the right battery for the right service you want to provide is a decisive parameter to determine your system longevity and therefore your long term return on investment”.


Socomec to unveil the future of BESS at EES Europe

From Wednesday 19th of June on Socomec EES Europe booth, visitors will have the opportunity to discover the future of energy storage ; a concept BESS, a cutting-edge system combining power, capacity, flexibility, connectivity in the most aesthetical possible way. A true piece of technological art.

*Battery power rating or P-Rate defines the amount of power a battery is able to release over a particular time. For example, a 150kWh battery with a 1P rating will provide a maximum of 150kW for a 1 hour duration when the same battery with 0,5P will provide a maximum of 75kW for 2 hours.

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