Preventive maintenance is vital in order to ensure that your energy storage system is operating at peak efficiency. If you subscribe to an extended warranty for your system a preventive maintenance contract is mandatory.
Adapted to your budget

We offer several options that may or may not be selected when subscribing to the service.

Autonomy « à la carte »

Depending on your desire and your skills, we can empower you by providing training in specific maintenance operations so that you can carry out some activities yourself.

Optimisation tips

When our experts share the preventive maintenance report with you, they also
provide advice in order to help you improve the use of your system and its operating environment.

Peace of mind

If you want a turnkey solution, our experts take care of everything! They take care of preventive maintenance from its planning to its completion in order to guarantee the reliability of your system, to maximise its lifespan and to limit corrective operations.

How the preventive maintenance works

Descriptive diagram of routine maintenance period and preventive maintenance period for SUNSYS HES L

Preventive maintenance - optimising the lifespan of your system!

To ensure optimal system operation, periodic maintenance by an expert is essential. This is the best way to ensure the reliability of your system over its lifetime.

2 modular offers are available:

  • DIY partner package: an offer favouring cost reduction but also requiring input from you.
  • Complete Socomec package: a complete offer for your peace of mind, where we take care of everything.


  DIY partner package Complete Socomec package
Routine maintenance visits carried out by Socomec   X
Specific maintenance visits carried out by Socomec X X
Preventive maintenance visit report with recommendations During specific maintenance visits X
Labour included During specific maintenance visits X
Parts for specific and routine maintenance operations Option Option
Traning in routine maintenance operations X  
Software update During specific maintenance visits X


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