SUNSYS HES L SKID is a compact modular energy storage system that has been designed to facilitate its transportation, installation and maintenance. Available in a wide range of configurations, power from 100 to 600 kVA and energy from 186 to 1 116 kWh for on-grid and off-grid applications. The system is delivered factory tested and cycled and comes as a fully assembled and cabled structure.

Conformity to standards

Safety: IEC 62368-1, IEC 62933-5-2; UL 9540A
EMC: EN 61000-6-2/4
Mechanical: EN 60529; EN 62262
Environment: RoHS; REACH, IEC 61249-2-21; WEEE 2012/19/UE 
Communication Protocol: Modbus TCP
Grid code: Germany, France, Italy, United-Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain and European Grid Code
Non-exhaustive list, please consult us for full detailed list of countries and grid codes.


Fast and easy installation

All cabinets within the energy storage system are shipped assembled, mounted and internally cabled on an adapted SKID. This guarantees the minimum installation time and effort, limits investment in civil works and ensures that the installation is of optimum quality. 
Once on site, all that remains to do is to connect the AC power and communication cables.

Flexible and scalable

Multiple system configurations are possible thanks to a range of SKID bricks. The bricks consist of the SUNSYS HES L cabinets – C-Cab, B-Cab and optional AC-Cab.
This flexibility helps to achieve adjusted system sizing in order to more closely match specific project requirements. Our existing configurations allow us to answer to a wide range of projects.

Easy to redeploy

The complete system is integrated on a SKID, making it transportable and deployable with minimal effort; this means that the system can easily be installed on an alternative site to satisfy future needs. Our modular SKID brick-based architecture is a real advantage in terms of transportation. Our smallest standard configurations (up to 5m) are easy to handle and can be forklifted, keeping transportation costs low.

Ready to start

Systems are pre-commissioned in our factory, thus highly reducing the time needed on site for our technical team. This means every system is factory tested with initial battery cycling accomplished, ensuring on-site installation and operational success; saving our customers precious installation time and installation costs to achieve faster return on investment.

Best of ESS technologies

The SUNSYS HES L SKID brings together the very best of conversion, battery and distribution technologies. Co-designed with CATL, the products are fully compatible. Batteries are available with 0.5C and 1C ratings, covering a wide range of energy storage applications.
The complete system has been validated and certified in accordance with the most stringent European and American standards.


  • Energy - Energy storage for grid services
  • Infrastructure & Transport - Power for EV charging
  • Building - Energy storage behind the meter

Associated services

Extended warranty

for energy storage system SUNSYS HES

Preventive maintenance

for energy storage system SUNSYS HES

SoLive PRO

Real-time system data processing

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