Understand the benefits of energy storage

There are many opportunite in setting up an energy storage system.

The self-consumption of renewable energy production, for example solar or wind power, installed on the site reduces the energy bill.

Limiting power, called peak shaving, during peak periods helps operators to stabilise the grid in return for financial compensation. This service is already operational in countries such as Germany and the United States.

It makes the supply of an emergency power supply available, replacing all or part of the diesel generators, when the loads are supplied in autonomous mode by the UPS.

Reduce the energy bill
and stabilise the grid
Use energy storage
as backup power

Evaluate the added value of energy storage services

  Cost reduction (TCO) Grid flexibility Environmental impact
Self-consumption (REn + ESS) +++ ++ +++
Peak shaving +++ +++ +++
Back-up +++   +++*


* If Ren production

Ren = renewable energy source / ESS = energy storage system

Connecting diagram

Connecting diagram schematic

Examples of applications for storage
Power demand limitation
Power demand limitation schematic


Self-consumption schematic


Socomec solution

Composed of a bidirectional storage converter and batteries, the SUNSYS HES L storage system can be used to offer various services to optimise the energy performance of data centres. These services can be controlled either by the automation integrated into the storage system, or provided by third-party software interfaced with SUNSYS HES L.