Socomec provides innovative solutions that focus on the energy performance of low voltage networks: the Group helps its customers to design electrical facilities that consume less energy, are better managed and more environmentally friendly.

Focus on ecodesign

In addition to complying with the regulatory requirements and environmental standards applicable to our products, Socomec seeks to regularly increase the proportion of eco-designed products. The Group is therefore preparing for the inclusion of eco-design in the framework of ISO 14001 certification.

Socomec's aim is to anticipate the primary needs of our customers with:

  • safe products, limiting the use of hazardous substances,
  • cost effective products, by improving their energy and material efficiency,
  • recyclable products, anticipating their end-of-life.

Our customers have access to information concerning the environmental performance of our products. Socomec has been working for almost ten years on eco-declarations called Product Environmental Profiles (PEP) that describe the characteristics and environmental impacts of our products. These declarations are certified by PEP Ecopassport.

Through our commitment to ecodesign and the circular economy, Socomec meets sustainable development objectives N°7, N°9 and N°12

Socomec is committed to answer to the following sustainable development goals: Affordable and clean energy, Industry, innovation and infrastructure and Responsible consumption and production
Socomec Group human rights policy
Socomec Group is committed to closely managing compliance in terms of human rights, across its own locations as well as throughout its supply chain.

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Sustainable Development Policy
A responsible and socially inclusive Group committed to sustainable growth
Commitment to the ecological transition
Socomec attaches great importance to the notion of sustainability
Choosing responsible suppliers
Sustainable development is at the heart of Socomec's purchasing policy