Smart Building

Control your consumption and your budget

Buildings represent 40% of the European Union's end energy consumption. The Smart Building is the main route through which you can achieve the objectives of the climate/energy package and reduce your energy bills.

Optimise your energy budget
  • You control the input and output of power on the grid.
  • Complete control over your costs.
  • Your estate goes up in value.
Consumption is controlled
  • The building accurately measures its consumption.
  • You analyse the collected data.
  • You maximise your energy output.
Your building produces energy
  • It produces green energy.
  • You maximise your own consumption.
  • Your energy bills are reduced.
Your building stores energy
  • It manages fluctuations of production
  • It allows for peak shaving during consumption and production.
  • It encourages load shedding.

Smart Grid

For a network that's flexible and secure

Distributing renewable energy production closer to consumers is a major challenge for grid managers. The Smart Grid is the right response to guarantee electricity supply at a reasonable cost to society.

Your grid makes it easy to integrate renewable energy
  • It stores the surplus production and ensures consumption peak shaving.
  • You manage production intermittence.
  • Guarantees frequency and voltage stability.
Costs are controlled
  • You optimise investments in distributed generation.
  • You limit the power that goes in and out.
  • You reduce the costs of primary and secondary energy reserves.
Your grid guarantees local flexibility
  • It ensures a supply/demand balance across the district.
  • You control the demand for energy.
  • Its architecture is future-proof.
Assured continuity of service
  • Electrical supply is secured.
  • You monitor the grid settings in real-time.
  • District islanding is guaranteed, without any interruption in the event of a grid failure.

Smart City

Future-proof your district

Cities house 50% of the world's population (two thirds by 2050) and are responsible for 75% of its energy consumption. Socomec solutions encourage responsible energy usage and allow the district to be self-sufficient in terms of managing supply and demand. The Smart City will encourage responsible energy consumption and an attractive cost proposition for everyone.

Your district controls its own energy revolution
  • It encourages responsible energy consumption.
  • Energy efficiency is increased.
  • It encourages the Local production and consumption of renewable energy.
Optimise your energy budget
  • You reduce the burden of energy bills on the community.
  • You promote the most efficient electricity service.
  • You help reduce taxes.
Consumption is under control
  • You reduce energy consumption in public buildings.
  • You have smart control over public lighting.
  • You develop a sustainable transportation policy.
Your district is heading towards energy autonomy
  • It produces green energy locally.
  • It consumes its own production.
  • You control the demand for energy.