As soon as a problem occurs, Socomec's expert engineers are available upon request - and in collaboration with the end-user - to conduct diagnostics and root cause analysis, restoring the system in record time. The engineer connects to the UPS through remote access in order to run tests and diagnostic tasks directly on the machine - in complete security.

Problem solving interventions can be carried out with the same efficiency as if in front of the equipment.

Fast intervention
  • Easy scheduling activity.
  • Direct remote access to the UPS in order to solve issues at distance.
Real-time issue analysis
  • Remote diagnostics and tests are as effective as if in front of the UPS.
  • Fast root cause analysis.
Access to the best experts
  • Equipment looked after remotely by experienced Socomec specialists.
  • Experts will meet precise requirements and standards as per on-site visits.
Reduced costs and carbon impact
  • Time saving.
  • More cost-effective and eco-friendly than on-site intervention.
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