Monitor insulation

In group 2 medical locations, the insulation in a medical IT system must be monitored. This ensures continuity of care and ensures patient safety. If an insulation fault is not dealt with quickly, there is a risk of protection tripping, switching off power to vital equipment.

In the event of a first fault, the fault current is low and does not pose a risk to the patient. The installation will continue to operate.

The insulation monitoring device generates an audible and visual alarm indicating the presence of a fault or an overload on the medical IT transformer. The alarm device must be visible at all times.

To identify the faulty circuit, using insulation fault locating devices is highly recommended.

To avoid a second fault and the protection tripping, the faulty circuit must be identified and repaired as soon as possible.

These requirements are set out in IEC 60364-7-710 and its European HD 60364-7-710 transposition.


First fault in an IT system

Illustration representing the appearance of a first fault in an IT earth connection diagram

                                  Installation free of insulation faults                                                  Occurrence of a first insulation fault

What equipment for group 2 electrical installation ?

The TN earthing system is used for the entire hospital except for group 2 medical locations.

In group 2 medical locations, the medical IT system shall be used for circuits supplying medical electrical equipment and systems intended for life support, surgical applications and other electrical equipment located in the patient environment.

Illustration representing an example of isolation control architecture for Group 2 in health-care

Example of an insulation monitoring architecture for a group 2 medical location

What is a group 2 medical location ?


Medical locations where applied parts are intended to be used in applications such as intracardiac procedures, operating theatres and vital treatments where discontinuity or failure of the supply can cause danger to life.

Socomec solution

 ISOM Digiware insulation and power monitoring system

Socomec offers a range of high-performance devices to fully comply with the safety requirements of group 2 medical locations. In accordance with IEC 61557-8, the ISOM Digiware system consists of an insulation monitoring device for healthcare facilities. It can be used in combination with insulation fault locators.

The screen centralizes the insulation levels and alarms of the medical facility equipment and provides an alarm report for the operating theatres.

IEC 61439-certified, the MEDSYS Isolated Power System is a compact package that integrates the ISOM Digiware system, as well as an automatic source transfer device.

Socomec offers a dedicated service to regularly inspect insulation monitoring devices and fault locators.