Ensure the safety of medical locations

The safety of medical locations, as defined by the installation standard IEC 60364-7-710, and its European (HD 60364-7-710) and French (NF C 15-211) transpositions require the following actions and requirements:

  • Prevent protection tripping on group 2 locations using in an IT earthing system by incorporating an insulation transformer in accordance with IEC 61558-2-15.
  • Be alerted to first faults with the help of an insulation monitoring device for a group 2 installation meeting the specific characteristics of the medical environment according to the standard IEC 61557-8. Associated fault locators must comply with IEC 61557-9.
  • Switch in case of loss of power using automatic transfer switching equipment (ATSE according to IEC 60947-6-1, or STS according to IEC 62310). The break times defined by the installation standard must be applied to groups 0, 1 or 2.

All this equipment must be integrated into an IEC 61439-certified switchboard. An initial and periodic inspection is required.

Select the right safety level

The standard IEC 60364-7-710 categorises medical location into three groups, according to the risk of electric shock.

Group 0

Medical facility group 0

Medical location where no applied parts are intended to be used.

Group 1

Medical facility group 1

Medical location where applied parts are intended to be used as follows externally or invasively to any part of the body, except where Group 2 applies.

Group 2

Medical facility group 2

Medical location where applied parts are intended to be used in applications such as intracardiac procedures, operating theatres and vital treatment where discontinuity of the supply can cause danger to life.

What is an applied part?

An applied part is a part of the medical electrical equipment which in normal use necessarily comes into physical contact with the patient for the equipment to perform its function, or can be brought into contact with the patient, or needs to be touched by the patient.

How do you position your equipment in a medical bay?

Schéma d'un exemple d’architecture électrique d’une baie médicale d'un local groupe
Example of the electrical architecture of a medical bay of a group 2 location within the hospital's electrical installation.
The TN system is generally used within the hospital except for group 2 facilities where medical equipment and systems used for surgical applications in the patient's vicinity are supplied with a medical IT system.


Socomec Solution

MEDSYS Isolated Power System

In line with the safety requirements of Group 2 medical locations, Socomec offers a full certified solution. In line with IEC 61439 requirements, MEDSYS incorporates ISOM Digiware insulation monitoring device linked to fault locators, and STATYS HC static transfer systems (STS) or ATyS M automatic transfer switching equipment (ATSE) in an all-in-one compact package that meets product standards. This solution is suitable for all the electrical architectures required in a hospital setting.

Socomec also offers a service covering periodic verifications on the insulation monitoring device and transfer switches.