Ensure continuity in the event of a short circuit on a terminal circuit

When defining the electrical architecture of medical locations, the hospital's various electrical protection must work in a coordinated manner, as required by the European installation standard HD 60364-7-710.

In the absence of selectivity, a terminal short circuit can trip upstream protection to turn off all or part of the medical facility.

Total selectivity ensures the activity and safety of patients can be maintained.


Understand the selectivity of electrical protection

Illustration of the selectivity of the electrical protections

How to build the facility to always power the terminal circuits ?

Illustration of an example of a typical Group 2 installation architecture

In order to continue supplying the other terminal circuits of the distribution panel of group 2 medical location, the short-circuit on a terminal circuit must not trip the upstream protection.

Socomec solution

MEDSYS Isolated Power Supply

The MEDSYS Isolated Power Supply, a complete IEC 61439-certified distribution panel for group 2 facilities, offers a wide range of terminal switchgear that meets selectivity requirements. Socomec also offers support for designer or installer to help with the choice, sizing and verification of the selectivity of the protections.