Take advantage of the "Power brick as a spare" option of your service contract and maximise the availability of your DELPHYS XL UPS.

Coupled with a maintenance station, you can have a spare power brick kept in working order at all times near your DELPHYS XL.

Maintaining availability

With its internal redundancy, should a power brick fail the DELPHYS XL UPS will continue to operate in double conversion mode provided that the operating load does not exceed 80% of the nominal load.

Minimises MTTR

In case of failure or breakdown, having an operational spare power module on-site ensures the restoration of the UPS during the first intervention by a Socomec expert.

"All inclusive" option

We provide the spare brick and maintenance station, with a Socomec expert carrying out the maintenance (including brick spare parts and consumables).

A solution that counts as an operating expense (OPEX)

With this option, you can keep on top of your finances without impacting your cashflow.

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