Resilient design to provide maximum availability

Redundancy through multiple layers of backup is and will carry on being an essential part of the electrical installation design of a data centre. The ever growing power and cooling requirements increase the need for purpose-built automatic transfer switching equipment (ATSE) that are not only certified to IEC 60947-6-1 but also include special functions that are dedicated to data centre applications.

Upstream main incoming redundant power supply transformers and backup generators – Automatic transfer switching equipment (ATSE) with high ratings.

White space feed to busbars or PDU – Very fast transfer solutions such as those provided by Static Transfer Switch Systems (STS).

HVAC units for precision cooling – Purpose built ATSE (low & medium ratings) with dedicated ATS controls installed close to the load.


Secure thanks to redundancy at every level

Illustration of redundant systems at all levels of power distribution

Redundant systems at all levels of power distribution to reduce the risk of outage.

What specificity for data centre?

Illustration of the specificities of data centre source inversion

ATSE installed close to the load improves load management and increases availability for critical loads.

Socomec solution

ATyS and STATYS transfer switching equipment

Socomec provide purpose-built transfer and control solutions that include unique functionality specified for modern data centre applications.

The ATyS range of ATSE is one of the widest on the market with ratings available from 40A to 6300A. The STATYS range of STS provides a fast and seemless transfer with ratings from 16A to 1800A. Furthermore, ATyS C Universal ATS controllers provide main distribution panels with data centre logic for ANY Class or brand of TSE.