Are you involved in monitoring the performance of your electrical installations, using your own management tools? If so, you may be in search of a quick and secure data collection solution.

The SoData service enables you to retrieve all raw data from your Socomec equipment – including UPS, electrical energy measurement and monitoring systems and energy storage systems – whether in the cloud, originating from various sites or buildings, or through an API.

The data can then be processed using market-leading data management software.

Centralised real-time collection

You have centralised access to all raw data from your Socomec equipment, available via ModBus TCP and Modbus RTU protocols.  Using a standard .JSON API, the information can be integrated into your data management tools with ease.

Real-time alerts

In the event of prolonged communication interruption (default 1 hour), an alert is immediately sent (via email) to ensure maximum responsiveness. This feature allows you to quickly respond to potential outages or communication issues, ensuring operational service continuity.

Certified security

Your sensitive data is protected and stored on a sovereign French cloud certified ISO27001, ensuring:

Compliance with specific regulations regarding data protection and security,

• Maximum protection against unauthorised access by foreign entities,

• Assurance that your data will not fall into the hands of GAFA.

Broad compatibility

This service can be accessed by all Socomec equipment with a connection point:

• Energy storage systems

• UPS systems integrating the Net Vision 7.4 connection card or a higher version

• Energy measurement and monitoring systems integrating:

- M50/M70 with Webview M

- D50/D70 with Webview M

- D55/D75 – latest version - 80/H81 with Webview-L or Datalog

To safeguard and retrieve your data more effectively, please contact us for details.

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