Guarantee switching

In medical facilities, the electrical distribution architecture must provide for an automatic switching system between the main distribution network and the safety and/or replacement sources in the event of network interruption.

IEC 60364-7-710, which describes the rules for electrical installations in medical locations, sets the time by which power must be restored. It establishes several classes depending on the type of care given to patients.

In Class 0.5, operating theatres cannot be switched-off for more than 0.5 seconds.

Select the right safety level

According to IEC 60364-7-710, the safety services required for medical locations are grouped according to different power supply break times.


Break ≤ 0.5 s

Class 0 no break

Class 0.5 short break ≤ 0.5 s


Examples of location with break ≤ 0.5 s

operating theaters, anaesthetic room, intensive care, recovery


Doctors in an operation room

Break > 0.5 s

Class 15 medium break ≤ 15s

Class > 15 medium break ≤ 15s


Examples of locations with break ≤ 15 s allowed

electrocardiography, electroencephalography, endoscopy


Medical imaging

Choose the switching type

The switching type should be selected based on the class expected. The type will determine the switching time between the two devices and therefore the break time.

switching type class 0 with UPS+ STS

Class 0

with UPS + STS

Switching type class 0 with UPS + ATSE

Class 0

with UPS + ATSE

Switching type class 0,5 with UPS + ATSE

Class 0.5 

with UPS + ATSE

UPS: Uninterruptible power supply

STS: Static transfer system

ATSE: Automatic transfer switching equipment


STATYS and ATyS transfer switches

Static and electromechanical transfer switches meet the requirements for electrical architecture in hospitals.

STATYS HC static transfer systems (STS) meet Class 0 requirements.

Depending on the architecture, ATyS M automatic transfer switching equipment (ATSE) meets Class 0.5 or Class 0 requirements in association with MODULYS uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). 

To ensure the electrical availability and insulation monitoring for group 2 medical locations, these devices can be integrated into MEDSYS medical bay.