Guarantee the continuity of service

To ensure the continuity of supply to critical loads, maintenance operations must be carried out regularly on the UPS.

Carried out by an expert, continuous monitoring of the UPS is essential to ensure its proper functioning. It also makes it possible to diagnose all types of anomalies and identify the occurence of drifts. These precautions prevent the deterioration of the UPS as well as the loss of power to the loads.

Continuously monitor
without delay

Ensure optimal operation of the UPS

Optimal function of the UPSIt is important to have an expert manufacturer service which ensures:

- Continuous monitoring of UPS parameters
- Instantaneous identification of breakdowns
- Quick interventions to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) and restore the system.

How to reduce the mean time to repair (MTTR)?

Schéma MTTR surveillance à distance vs surveillance localeThanks to remote monitoring in the event of an anomaly, the UPS manufacturer is immediately notified, carries out a diagnosis and intervenes quickly with the necessary spare parts.

Socomec solution

SoLink service 

In the event that an anomaly is detected, SoLink notifies the Socomec Expert Service team via an automatic alarm. They then remotely carry out an initial diagnosis. If an intervention is necessary, using the initial report, the nearest available technician atttends site with the necessary spare parts and the relevant intervention plan.

SoLink is an essential option of the the Socomec maintenance contract to reduce the MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) of the UPS and to maximize the availability of the system.