As a leading manufacturer of switching and changeover products, Socomec also offers solutions for fuse and electronic protection and insulation control.

Take advantage of a leading manufacturer's expertise for: secured high quality energy continuity, protection of personnel and assets, and optimal electrical networks. We offer standard or tailor-made solutions and specialized services that are adapted to all your applications.

Switching and securing electrical installations

Switching systems comprise devices that are essential for electrical installations.
Installed at all levels of the distribution circuit, their function is to secure and isolate parts of the network or electrical equipment. Our solutions are ideal for many sorts of applications, from electrical distribution in industry or the services sector through to the production of PV power.

Today, our range is one of the widest available on the market: from 16 to 5000A, visible breaking, manual, motorized or with tripping function, open-mounted or in enclosures, and fully compliant to international standards such as IEC, UL or CCC.

Power supply continuity and electrical distribution

Whether for industry, the health sector, services or IT, the availability of electrical energy is a critical factor.

As specialists in mains supply changeover, Socomec offers a complete and innovative range of manual, motorized / remote (RTSE) or automatic (ATSE) changeover applications as well as more complete solutions such as our ATS bypass.
Available is either modular or industrial versions, from 25 to 3200A, these mains changeover devices are perfectly adapted for power transfer between two circuits or between a network and a gen-set.

For optimized continuity and service life of your installation, the DIRIS A80 provides insulation monitoring and control for carrying out preventive maintenance operations.

Protection of installations, equipment and persons

The consequences of electrical failure can be serious and impact negatively on companies, whatever the sector. For this reason, Socomec solutions protect persons and equipment in all types of neutral system networks: IT, TT, TN.

We are on hand for help and guidance in choosing the right solutions for your requirements in terms of differential protection, protection against overcurrents or overvoltages as well as insulation monitoring.

What's more, we have a very wide choice of fuse-based protection solutions, a reliable and time-tested technology that offers undeniable advantages over circuit breakers in many operating conditions.

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