For nearly a century, Socomec has acquired the expertise to provide the most innovative solutions to ensure the energy performance of electrical installations, wherever it is critical.

Whenever energy matters, our engineers, technicians, production teams and sales force work closely with our customers to ensure the safety, availability and energy performance of their electrical installations.

Power conversion

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Ensuring the availability and storage of high quality power

With its wide range of continuously evolving products, solutions and services, Socomec are recognised experts in the cutting-edge technologies used for ensuring the highest availability of the electrical power supply to critical facilities and buildings, including:

  • static uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for high-quality power free of distortions and interruptions occurring on the primary power supply,
  • changeover of static, high availability sources for transferring the supply to an operational back-up source,
  • permanent monitoring of the electrical facilities to prevent failures and reduce operating losses,
  • energy storage for ensuring the proper energy mix of buildings and for stabilisation of the power grid.

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Power switching

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Managing power and protecting persons and facilities

Active in the industrial switching market since its foundation in 1922, Socomec is today an undisputed leader in the field of low voltage switchgear, providing expert solutions that ensure:

  • isolation and on load breaking for the most demanding switching applications,
  • continuity of the power supply to electrical facilities via manual remotely operated or automatic transfer switching equipment,
  • protection of persons and assets via fusebased and other specialist solutions.

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Power monitoring

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Managing the energy performance of buildings

Socomec solutions, from current sensors through to a wide choice of innovative scalable software packages are driven by experts in energy performance. They meet the critical requirements of facility managers and operators of commercial, industrial and local authority buildings for:

  • measuring energy consumption, identifying sources of excess consumption and raising the awareness of occupants about their impact,
  • limiting reactive energy and avoiding the associated tariff penalties,
  • using the best available tariffs, checking utility bills and accurately distributing energy billing among consumer entities,
  • monitoring and detecting insulation faults.

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Expert Services

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Enabling available, safe and efficient energy

Socomec is committed to delivering a wide range of value-added services to ensure the reliability and optimisation of end-users’ equipment:

  • prevention and service operations to lower the risks and enhance the efficiency of operations,
  • measurement and analysis of a wide range of electrical parameters leading to recommendations for improving the site’s power quality,
  • optimisation of the total cost of ownership and support for a safe transition when migrating from an old to a new generation of equipment,
  • consultancy, deployment and training from the project engineering stage through to final procurement,
  • performance assessment of the electrical installation throughout the life cycle of the products via analysis of data transmitted by connected devices.

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