Ensure strict maintenance and testing program

The critical nature of a healthcare facility involves numerous installation standards and guides such as IEC 60364-7-710, NF C15-211, NFPA 99 and HTM 06-01.

Each provide specific requirements that although may differ by country all cover design aspects of electrical distribution systems, backup emergency power systems and test requirements that are constantly evolving to increase power availability.

Most installation standards include mandatory requirements for maintenance and on-load testing of emergency power systems.

Performance testing is usually monthly, quarterly as well as annually whilst additional inspections and checks can be required more frequently.

When maintenance on a backup emergency generator is due, it may be necessary to disconnect the genset for a certain amount of time.

Total availability can be retained when a permanent connection means is included for easy addition of a portable or temporary genset.

This redundancy during maintenance guarantees full capacity of emergency power during the entire duration of the intervention.


Guarantee permanent power connection thanks to MTSE

Illustration representing an example of redundant architecture using a manual source inverter (MTSE)
Redundant architecture thanks to manualy operated transfer switching equipment (MTSE)

The switching device must allow easy connection to a temporary power source. It must provide power source transfer between gensets, isolation and integrated mechanical interlocks within one device.

Why use a manual transfer switch?

The all-in one manual transfer switch allows to retain 100% of genset emergency power during stress-free scheduled maintenance.

Illustration representing a normal backup connection

Normal backup connection

Illustration showing a quick connection on temporary generator

Quick-connect temporary genset

Schéma représentant une isolation sûre avec secours pendant la maintenance

Safe isolation with full backup


Socomec solution

SIRCOVER manually operated transfer switching equipment

Socomec manufacture one of the widest ranges of MTSE on the market providing 3P and 4P switching with IEC & GB/T ratings from 125A to 3200A and UL from 100 to 1200A. SIRCOVER are fully integrated including back to back switching, a robust mechanical interlock, isolation and padlocking in a single device.
Available as an enclosed solution as well as open type transfer switch ready for installation in the distribution panel of your choice.