SUNSYS Xtend ESS - Power Conversion System and Power Storage |


Energy Storage System architecture

The solution for

• Commercial applications
• Industrial applications

Strong points

• Extendable installation
• Compact design
• Customer oriented services
• Simplified logistics

Extendable installation

SUNSYS XTEND ESS enables modular flexibility later on. This solution may evolve and extend at a later date by adding additional SUNSYS PCS² and/or batteries with their associated protection equipment.

Compact design

SUNSYS XTEND ESS is designed compact installation, either indoors, or in a weather-tight outdoor enclosure.
The complete system includes:
• SUNSYS PCS2 bidirectional power converters
• Batteries
• AC distribution cabinet
• String Battery Coupling Panel (SBCP)

Simplified logistics

SUNSYS XTEND ESS creates a complete solution with a limited number of references for easy ordering and covering a wide range of configurations, power and back-up time.

Customer oriented services

SUNSYS XTEND ESS offers services dedicated to commercial and industrial installations. The solution enables peak shaving, load shifting and photovoltaic self-consumption with or without associated EMS.