DIRIS Digiware R-60 modules combine residual current monitoring (RCM) with power metering and monitoring functions, for any combination of 1-phase, 2-phase or 3-phase circuits used in TN-S and TT earthing systems.
With six RJ 12 channels, they can be connected to a mix of ΔIC residual CTs and TE/TR/iTR/TF current sensors via RJ12 cables enabling quick connection and avoiding wiring errors.

Conformity to standards

IEC 62020
IEC 61557-12

Meter Selector
The ideal assistant for your DIRIS and ISOM Digiware projects
Meter Selector is the ideal assistant to accompany you in your multi-measurement and isolation monitoring projects.


DIRIS Digiware R-60 is available in X versions

Item Model Application Type Number of current inputs Select
48290114 R-60 Residual and Power monitoring Residual Current and Load Current acquisition module 6


2 in 1

One DIRIS Digiware R-60 module can be connected to residual CTs and TE/TR/iTR/TF current sensors to pool residual current and power monitoring.


One DIRIS Digiware R-60 module can monitor the residual current on up to 6 circuits.
The Digiware modular concept allows several R-60 modules to be added within a single system, making it easy to implement RCM for a large number of outgoing circuits instead of the main incomer only.

Plug & Play solution

The Digiware concept and the RJ45 bus allow:
- easy connection of R-60 modules to an existing DIRIS Digiware system,
- optimal scalability by adding additional modules when needed.
The connection to current sensors is quick and error-free thanks to colour coded RJ12 cables.

Smart alarming

DIRIS Digiware R-60 provides the most advanced RCM alarm features for preventive notifications:
- before the residual current device (RCD) trips,
- before leakage currents become hazardous for people and assets,
- if the RCD is defective.
The combination with Virtual Monitor technology specifies if the RCD has tripped on an overload or a high residual current.

Patented innovation

Thanks to an automatic learning sequence, launched for a chosen duration representative of the normal operation of the electrical installation, 6 dynamic residual current (IΔ) thresholds are automatically set. This facilitates the determination of the maximum residual current not to be exceeded for each outgoing circuit.


  • Data center - Power for busway and tap-off
  • Data center - Power availability for edge
  • Industry - Power availability for industrial process
  • Industry - Insulation monitoring

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