" Our multipurpose modular UPS.
It's ultra reliable and flexible to any space and its built to last. It's an UPS that outlives what it is powering " 

Modulys XM, the flexible UPS.

25+ standardised and pre-engineered parts
Thanks to our standardised, pre-engineered parts, you have the flexibility to customise your UPS system, even last minute on-site, ensuring that it precisely matches your specific needs.

Modulys XM, no need to replace your UPS anymore!

By choosing equipment with an extended lifetime, or better still, equipment that’s equal to the lifetime of your application, you can not only reduce your costs and avoid stress during the transition, but you can also make a positive impact on the environment. By designing a product that lasts, on average, the entire life of your installation, Socomec is committed to your priorities.

Modulys XM, proven ultimate reliability

Unique functionality beyond market standards - that’s proven. What that means is that this UPS 
has been engineered with the highest degree of reliability in mind.