Primary enclosures - Enclosures

Primary enclosures

Range of enclosures for auxiliary units

Our enclosures, installed at the output of auxiliary services transformers, are designed to:
• Protect the AC power supply to an auxiliary unit panel (TR enclosures).
• Protect the power supply to coolers from a transformer or auto-transformer of related power (TR' enclosures).
• Protect and switch to a second source of these coolers (AR or AR' enclosures).
• Protect the occasional power supply of coolers via an auxiliary source (ZR enclosures).


Easy wiring

The careful design of this range of primary enclosures provides a functional connection of cables on the different terminals and devices.
Connecting the input and output cables at the base of the enclosures is made easier with the removable polyester aluminium plates.

Weather conditions

The enclosures are MINIPOL and MAXIPOL, with excellent resistance to weather conditions and UV.

Turnkey enclosures

The enclosures are delivered assembled and pre-wired. They are ready to be installed on delivery.

Flexible configuration

With these scalable solutions, Socomec can adapt the solution to best suit your requirements.