DE enclosures - Enclosures

DE enclosures

Distribution enclosures

The DE enclosures allow the distribution of DC voltage for auxiliary supply of the control equipment installed in substation relay buildings (RB).
The distribution busbar is supplied either by a Rectifier source or by a Battery source.


Easy wiring

The careful design of these enclosures provides a functional connection of the cables on the different terminals. Connecting the input and output cables at the base of the enclosures is made easier with the preperforated rubber cable glands.

Improved safety

Connecting the power supplies to the terminal boards is done without security restrictions (live working at low volatges). The distribution of the polarities to the circuit breakers is protected against short circuits. The degree of protection IP2X ensures that no contact with the bare live parts is possible inside the enclosure.

Turnkey enclosures

The enclosures are delivered assembled and pre-wired. They are ready to be installed on delivery.