Inspection and testing for changeover switches


Inspection and testing for changeover switches




Protecting people and facilities

You are responsible for fire safety in business or other non-domestic premises if you are:

  • an employer
  • the owner
  • the landlord
  • an occupier
  • anyone else with control of the premises, for example a facilities manager, building manager, managing agent or risk assessor

Because of the critical nature of many applications and the rigorous demands of insurers and other bodies concerned with building safety, you may benefit from the reassurance of a routine inspection of your changeover switches by the manufacturer.





 What's included

 • High power availability guaranteed and performance optimised


 • An annual inspection and testing visit by a Socomec engineer certifying that the ATyS switch is functioning correctly

 • All critical points will be secured and under control


 • A detailed inspection report provided after each inspection

 • Reduced risk of potential faults going undetected


 • A list of every asset tested and detail of the inspection work carried out

 • Costly downtime and the risk of operating losses are cut

   • Highlight any issues found
     • If a problem is identified on an out of warranty switch, the switch will be repaired
     • Any defective part will be replaced at no extra cost to the customer (only for Platinum and Platinum+ contracts)



You can read the government’s guidelines on Fire Risk Assessments here

Inspection packages features & options


Service description

Inspection visit

Inspections packages

Silver Gold Platinum Platinum+
1 inspection visit
Thermal analysis
Test on load
Load duty category checking
Bypass system inspected
Labour & Mileage for corrective maintenance    
Original spare parts      
Hot-line availibility  
Emergency hot-line 24/7  
Response Time to Site with next working day    
Response Time to Site within 6 hours  
Response Time to Site within 4 hours *  

: inclusive : optional

* : Please check the service coverage in your area