MODULYS RM GP is a 3-phase modular UPS system designed for 19” rack integration.
Easy to integrate and install whilst simple to manage and maintain, it provides maximum availability and power protection in a compact design leaving free space for other rack-mounted devices.

Conformity to standards

EN 62040-1, EN 60950-1, EN 62040-2, EN 62040-3 (VFI-SS-111)
RCM (E2376)

Fault-tolerant power without compromise

Fully redundant architecture for maximum availability, minimum MTTR and risk free maintenance.

Elite UPS logo
ELITE UPS label: a mark of efficiency
Socomec signs up to JRC Code of Conduct for Elite level UPS efficiency that’s fit for the future


Full rack integration

- Designed for easy and no-risk integration in 19” rack cabinets.
- Total compatibility with any 19” standard rack cabinet.
- High power density.
- Easy to manage, integrate and customise.
- Flexible simplified cabling.

Overall cost optimisation

- Time saving integration process.
- No risk of cost and budget overruns.
- Compact solution saving valuable space.
- Simplified logistics.
- Easy integration: avoids costly set-up and reworking.

Totally redundant design

- N+1 redundancy level.
- Designed for no single point of failure.
- No centralised parallel control.
- Totally independent power modules.

Automatic firmware allignment

- Without human intervention.
- Completely risk-free.
- Load protected in inverter mode.

Enhanced serviceability performance

- Power module automatic firmware alignment.
- Fast & safe maintenance based on hotswap parts (power modules, bypass, electronic boards, batteries).
- Ready for concurrent maintenance.
- Load fully protected in double conversion mode (VFI) during power module replacement.
- 3-colour LED bar for quick and easy detection of the power module status.
- Battery can be hot-swapped without shutting down the connected equipment.
- Totally front access operation.

‘Forever Young’ concept

- Exclusive life cycle extension programme.
- Eliminates end-of-life criticality.
- Based on an electronics-free sub-rack enclosure + a set of plug-in parts.
- Module compatibility guaranteed for 20+ years.
- Allows for the implementation of future module technology.
- Company declaration of 20-year compatibility.


  • Data center - Power availability for telecom
  • Data center - Power availability for edge
  • Industry - Power availability for industrial process

Technical data

Model 9U 15U
Number of power modules  1 to 2 x 25kW  1 to 4 x 25kW
Configuration  N, N+1 redundant
Power [Sn] 25 to 50kVA  25 to 75kVA
Power [Pn] 25 to 50kW  25 to 75kW
Input/output  3/3


Model 9U 15U
Voltage  400V 3ph (340V to 480V)
Frequency  50/60Hz ±10%
Power factor / THDI  >0.99/<3%


Model 9U 15U
Voltage  380/400/415V ±1% 3ph+N
Frequency  50/60Hz ±0.1%
Voltage distortion  <1% (linear load), <4% (non-linear load according to lEC 62040-3)
Short-circuit current  up to 3 x In
Overload  125% for 10 minutes, 150% for 1 minute
Crest factor 3:1


Hot-swap bypass
Model 9U 15U
Voltage Rated output voltage ±15% (configurable from 10% to 20%)
Frequency 50/60Hz ±2% (configurable for GenSet compatibility)
Weight (kg) 7 7.5


Efficiency (TÜV SÜD verified)
Model 9U 15U
Online double conversion mode  up to 96.5%


Model 9U 15U
Ambient temperature 0°C to 40°C (15 to 25°C for maximum battery life)
Relative humidity 0 to 95% without condensation 
Maximum altitude  1000m without derating (3000m max)
Acoustic level at 1m  <53dBA


UPS rack
Model 9U 15U
Dimensions W x D x H 442mm x 920mm x 9U 442mm x 920mm x 15U
Weight (empty cabinet) (kg) 36 42
Degree of protection IP20


Hot-swap power module
Model 9U 15U
Height  3U
Weight (kg) 34
Type  Hot plug-in / Hot-swappable
MTBF >1000000 hours (calculated and verified)


Hot-swap battery rack
Model 9U 15U
Type Acid leak-proof - Long Life batteries
Protection Independent protection for each battery string
Dimensions W x D x H  442mm x 890mm x 4U
Weight (empty rack) (kg) 15


Model 9U 15U
Safety  IEC/EN 62040-1      
EMC  IEC/EN 62040-2 Class C2
Performance  IEC/EN 62040-3    
Product certification  CE



Electrical options

- 19” 4U battery rack.
- External battery cabinet.
- High capacity battery charger.


Standard communication features

- User-friendly 7” touch-screen multilingual colour graphic display.
- 2 slots for communication options.
- USB port to download UPS report and log file.
- Ethernet port for service purpose.
- Commissioning wizard.

Communication options

- Dry-contact interface (configurable voltage-free contacts).
- BACnet/IP interface.
- NET VISION: professional WEB/SNMP Ethernet interface for secure UPS monitoring and remote automatic shutdown.
- REMOTE VIEW PRO supervision software.
- IoT gateway for Socomec cloud services and SoLive UPS mobile app.
- Remote touch-screen panel.