The NET VISION network adapter allows direct connection of a UPS to the IPv4 or IPv6 Ethernet network, thereby enabling remote management of the UPS — with protected access — using a web browser or an NMS application via SNMP protocol.

Since the connection protocols used (HTTPs, DHCP, SMTP, SNMP v1, V2c and v3, WOL, RADIUS and others) do not depend on the platform and operating system, NET VISION 7 is extremely flexible and adaptable to all systems.

In addition to its control and monitoring potential, the NET VISION interface is capable of providing a high level of protection for UPS-powered servers; under critical conditions, for example, up to 250 UPS-powered devices can be shut down in an ordered and controlled sequence, guaranteeing data integrity.

Remote shutdown is guaranteed by a shutdown client, which must be installed on all computers requiring an automatic shutdown capability.

SOCOMEC's SW agent JNC or VIRTUAL-JNC shutdown client can be used.

Starting from NV 7.20 all UPS are now 'IoT Ready'. Connecting to SOCOMEC cloud Applications you can get all advantages of SOCOCOMEC digital services, such as UPS monitoring on your smart phone, and remote maintenance contract.