Smart, secure, sustainable: Socomec signs up to JRC Code of Conduct for Elite level UPS efficiency that’s fit for the future.



Socomec, as CEMEP UPS manufacturer member, has signed a Code of Conduct put forward by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC), to ensure the protection of critical applications and processes ensuring 24/7 continuous high quality supply. The JRC commits to mitigating energy losses and gas emissions caused by UPS equipment, therefore maximising UPS efficiency.


A smart, secure and sustainable future

Specific to UPS industry stakeholders operating in Europe, this UPS Code of Conduct sets out key energy efficiency requirements with criteria including quality and availability of the delivered power and operating modes.

UPS equipment is a vital safety net that protects every electrical application from grid failure, providing immediate and continuous power until an alternative source or the grid can take over. Essential to every aspect of our lives – from telecoms to IT, healthcare, airports and data centres – without UPS equipment, the world as we know it today simply would not operate.


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