Ensuring permanent power supply to electrical infrastructure for business continuity whilst reducing the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is a main concern for data centres. LI-ION BATTERY UPS – Socomec’s latest innovative UPS solution – provides reliable back-up power availability in a reduced footprint, with extended life time and reduced maintenance.


Increased availability

Based on the latest technologies, the Socomec LI-ION BATTERY UPS provides higher power density and faster recharges than lead-acid systems.
To maximise the power system’s availability and reduce the consequences of battery failure, the LI-ION BATTERY UPS is equipped with an embedded interactive control system that provides accurate and individual cell monitoring.

Space optimization, low total cost of ownership

Thanks to its high energy density, the LI-ION BATTERY UPS saves space and is lighter than a lead-acid battery UPS.
The LI-ION BATTERY UPS allows a more effective and flexible use of the space, leaving free space for additional IT equipment or additional rooms to accommodate future power upgrades. Less sensitive to higher temperatures, the LI-ION BATTERY UPS requires less cooling and hence reduces energy costs.


  • Data center - Power availability for servers
  • Data center - Power availability for telecom



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