How to avoid a power outage by optimizing your electrical architecture?

In our third webinar, get all information on how to secure your critical loads by placing transfer switches at the right points in your electrical distribution system. Discover a few examples of how local installation legislation affects the design of alternative and emergency power supplies.

Agenda :

  • How electrical architecture improves resilience
  • Data centre 
  • Life safety systems in high-rise buildings
  • Transfer switch architecture types

This webinar series was created by Ian TANTI – Over 20years’ experience in electrical switchgear, member of IEC expert working group TC 121/SC 121A/MT 18 responsible for IEC 60947-6-1 product standard for Transfer switching equipment. 

Speaker: Alex METCALFE Electrical engineer with 17 years’ experience. Over 140 accredited presentations to 2800 end-users or consultant