What is Transfer Switching Equipment?

There are many types of switches and from one project to another the needs could be different. In order to choose the most suitable solution for different applications, in this second episode of Transfer Switching Essentials we will see:

Agenda :

  • What is Transfer Switching Equipment TSE?
  • Typical supply source and TSE applications
  • How TSE improve reliability and safety to the load
  • How TSE works: MTSE / RTSE / ATSE / Bypass
  • Basic introduction to architecture

This webinar series was created by Ian TANTI – Over 20years’ experience in electrical switchgear, member of IEC expert working group TC 121/SC 121A/MT 18 responsible for IEC 60947-6-1 product standard for Transfer switching equipment. 

Speaker: Alex METCALFE
Electrical engineer with 17 years’ experience.
Over 140 accredited presentations to 2800 end-users or consultant