SUNSYS HES XXL is a complete and ready to use high power energy storage system for on-grid and off-grid applications.
This system is based on standard cabinets: a converter cabinet C-Cab XXL and a battery cabinet B-Cab XXL (CATL) enabling a large variety of configurations in a simple and safe way.
It is perfectly adapted to large scale commercial and industrial installations as well as standalone or colocated - mainly with renewables - projects.

Conformity to standards

- Safety: IEC 62909-1, IEC 62477-1; UL 9540A
- EMC: EN 61000-6-2/4
- Mechanical: EN 60529; EN 62262
Environment: RoHS; REACH; IEC 61249-2-21; WEEE 2012/19/UE
- Communication protocol: Modbus TCP
- Grid code: Europe: EN 50549
Please consult us for additional ones


High safety

- Battery cabinet B-Cab XXL: based on Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry.
- UL 9540A certification insuring that the fire safety system will withstand thermal runaway.

Extreme scalability

- System configuration based on two standard cabinets offering wide range of configurations:
* a C-Cab converter cabinet 1.5MVA
* a B-Cab battery cabinet 372 kWh in 0.5C or 379 kWh in 1C
- Possible system paralleling to reach 6MVA/20MWh on a single transformer.

Optimised asset management & performance

- Presales support.
- Remote monitoring to enhance energy management.
- Adaptable warranties, maintenance contracts and trainings to ensure optimum operations.

Integrated ready to use certified system

- Certified and tested systems including; converter, batteries and the control cabinets all together.
- Specifically developed software adapted to enable internal communication between all cabinets.


  • Energy - Energy storage for grid services
  • Energy - Switching for PV installations
  • Infrastructure & Transport - Power for EV charging
  • Building - Energy storage behind the meter

Associated services

Extended warranty

for energy storage system SUNSYS HES

Preventive maintenance

for energy storage system SUNSYS HES

SoLive PRO

Real-time system data processing

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