Selecting the right TSE based on the Criticality & Sensitivity of the Load: one product does not fit all!

In this webinar, we will see how to select a TSE based on the application type and by defining the type of load.  We will also see the difference between sensitivity and criticality of a load and why this is a vital consideration when selecting your right TSE. 

Agenda :

  • Defining the criticality of the load and understanding the sensitivity of a load
  • Show how sensitivity and criticality are different and are vital when selecting a TSE 
  • Exercise to show the definition of the criticality and sensitivity based on the application
  • Introduce additional features that help to have improved power availability 
  • Additional features such as manual operation, On/Off load tests, communication and product standard…


This webinar series was created by Ian TANTI – Over 20years’ experience in electrical switchgear, member of IEC expert working group TC 121/SC 121A/MT 18 responsible for IEC 60947-6-1 product standard for Transfer switching equipment. 

Speaker: Alex METCALFE Electrical engineer with 17 years’ experience. Over 140 accredited presentations to 2800 end-users or consultant