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  • WEBVIEW-L - Energy server embedded in the DATALOG H80/81
    Installation and operating manual
  • DATALOG H80/H81 Datalogger
    Quick start guide
  • WEBVIEW - Software solution for the monitoring and analysis of your electrical installation
  • Dataloggers and wireless communication interfaces For collecting & managing your energy data
  • Selection guide - Software solutions for energy monitoring and analysis
    Selection guide
  • WEBVIEW - Embedded software for power monitoring and energy management
    Catalogue - pages
  • DATALOG H - Dataloggers
    Catalogue - pages
  • Press release - New design and features for SOCOMEC’s energy management software
    Press release
  • WEBVIEW-L 200 - Monitoring software
    Product firmware
  • WEBVIEW-L 100 - Monitoring software
    Product firmware