gG fuses - Fuses for public distribution

gG fuses

Special size 2 from 63 to 400 A

SOCOMEC fuses provide protection for low voltage distribution wiring systems. They are intended for section feeders on low voltage switchboards, high power circuits, and with network boxes and connection enclosures.
There are 2 versions of fuses:
• 115 mm bar with flexible clamp.
• 160 mm bar with secure clamp.
In addition to the fuses, a neutral link should be fitted to the neutral pole of the circuit breakers.


In addition to the benefits of standard gG fuses (high breaking capacity, simple and reliable discrimination, guaranteed protection over time, containment of the energy released following a blown fuse, etc.), these fuses have extra benefits.

Improved mechanical withstand

SOCOMEC fuses can withstand a drop of one metre on any angle without breaking or bending out of shape. The impact resistance is 3 joules, as per standard HN 63-S-20. For this, the fuses have patented insulating brackets and an insulating polyester casing.


Its IP2X protection index considerably enhances operator safety. Apart from the blades that project on either side of the fuse casing, the entire fuse is made of insulating material, including the gripping lugs. Once in place, this type of fuse ensures the IP2XC protection level for equipment, for example the TIPI low voltage feeder pillar

Optimum quality

Product quality and traceability are ensured by an individual test and quality-control marking at the end of production.

Adapted protection

With a slightly different curve compared to a gG fuse, a HN fuse provides better protection for low overcurrents that occur especially in case of short circuit impedance (e.g. a fault on a long section of cable).

Certified maximum consumption

Consumption for each rating is limited by standard HN 63-S-20, thus reducing operating costs.