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RB enclosures

Battery enclosure for relay buildings (RB)

The RB battery enclosure is placed between the battery and the distribution enclosure of the RBs. With it, you can disconnect the battery and connect a back-up battery.
It is usually installed in the RB relay building.
This enclosure allows power to be supplied to the bottom distribution cabinet:
• Either from the permanent battery through a two-pole fully visualised breaking switch.
• Or from a provisional battery or "buffer battery", protected by two crossed bushings.


IP2X enclosure

The RB battery enclosure avoids any contact with live bare conducting parts and eliminates risk of short-circuits between the +/- polarities inside the enclosure. Transparent isolating screens isolate the barrel of each bushing and the switch is equipped with terminal shrouds both top and bottom.

Easy wiring

The internal connection is done on a specific terminal. Buffer (back-up) batteries are connected externally by 2 quick-fit plugs under a pivoting cover.

Weather conditions

This enclosure is a MINIPOL box, with excellent resistance to weather conditions and UV.

Turnkey enclosure

The enclosures are delivered assembled and pre-wired. They are ready to be installed on delivery.