Presence indicator units - Enclosures

Presence indicator units

Enclosures for HV substations

The presence indicator unit alerts operators and technical staff to the presence of operative personnel carrying out work inside a substation.
Its other functions are:
• Flashing orange light indicating the start-up of the presence station.
• The lighting control for station access.
• Connection for emergency stop “warning” alarm.
• Telephone equipment.
• I ndicator/controls for a second operative.


Easy to install

This enclosure has the benefit of two mounting options. The wall mount is supplied as standard but there is an optional stainless steel base.

Weather conditions

The presence indicator enclosure is MINIPOL-type enclosure. This enclosure has excellent resistance to weather conditions and UV.

Turnkey enclosure

The enclosures are delivered assembled and pre-wired. They are ready to be installed on delivery.

Flexible configuration

SOCOMEC can adapt the solution to best suit your requirements.