LVDE enclosures - Enclosures

LVDE enclosures

Lockable voltage divider enclosures

The LVDE enclosures allow the breaking of measurement circuits downstream of the voltage reducers installed on the HV feeders.
The breaking function is ensured by a closing contactor, the purpose of which is to:
- cut-off the 3 line conductors downstream of the S1 terminals of the voltage dividers,
- bridge the 3 conductors downstream of the S2 terminals at their entry to the enclosure.


Easy wiring

The careful design of these enclosures provides a functional connection of the cables on the different terminals. Connecting the input and output cables at the base of the enclosures is made easier with the removable stainless steel plates.

Improved safety

The enclosures are equipped with a manual locking and unlocking system with a pushbutton switch. IP2X protection ensures that no contact with bare live parts is possible inside the enclosure.

Weather conditions

SOCOMEC voltage divider enclosures are made of 2 mm thick stainless steel with excellent resistance both to harsh weather conditions and to UV rays.

Turnkey enclosures

The enclosures are delivered assembled and pre-wired. They are ready to be installed on delivery.