MODULYS RM - Modular UPS |


UPS protection for 19” rack integration
Single/single phase UPS from 1.5 to 9 kVA

The solution for

• Server farms
• Telecommunications
• Medical
• Computer networks


A 19” rack solution

• The Mod-RM series enables the UPS and all the protected equipment (HUB, server, back-up units, etc.) to be integrated into a single 19” rack. These modules are prewired so that connection is easier, simplifying installation.

An adaptable system

• Mod-RM has been specifically designed for usage up to 9 kVA, which requires a combination of reliability and adaptability.
• The free slots in each model enable the Mod-Power to be added to provide redundancy for the system or to increase the power.

Modular back-up time

• In the same way, the spaces available enable the Mod-Battery to be added to increase back-up time.

System upgrades

• Units bought separately (Mod-TW or Mod-RK) can be installed at a later date in a Mod-System, fulfilling your needs for modularity and redundancy.