Strong Points


SUNSYS PCS² IM is able to work both as a grid-following power converter, acting as a current generator, and as a grid-forming power converter, acting as a voltage generator. It is the perfect converter for off-grid and grid resilient microgrids. Thanks to its modular parallel configuration, several MV can be reached.



High performance

SUNSYS PCS² IM modular design provides high output efficiency even with low power thanks to its Dynamic Power Control function. It is also able to provide a high quality and stable power supply during islanding operation, with boosted overload and short-ciruit capability.

Total flexibility

SUNSYS PCS² IM is a modular and scalable converter making it easy to adapt to future installation evolution. Its design also enables it to be used to update existing photovoltaic installations.
What's more, it's compatibility with lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries provides additional flexibility to the installation.

Maximum availability

SUNSYS PCS² IM modular design enables fully secure "hot swapping" of conversion modules, allowing the rest of the installation to continue working. This operation can be performed without special clearance.

Easy to manage and maintain

SUNSYS PCS² IM is a full front access solution allowing quick and easy, comfortable, safe and risk-free installation and maintenance.
Thanks to its display on the front face, it also enables ergonomic operation and monitoring.

Autonomous operation

SUNSYS PCS² IM is able to disconnect from the grid whilst supplying the loads, acting as a voltage generator (islanding mode), and once the grid is restored it reconnects without any interruption of the power supply.




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