Strong Points


SUNSYS HES is a solution adapted to on-grid energy storage both on the generation side, to enable better renewable integration, and on the distribution side for energy bill reduction. It is also adapted to off-grid installations where it  enables electrification in replacement to diesel gensets. Finally it can work in on-grid with islanding, to bring resiliency.


High safety

The system is designed using the best of conversion and battery technologies, mainly for safety. The C-Cab uses a safe conversion technology to limit the Common Mode Noise effect and the B-Cab is made of a stable chemistry of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) that doesn’t burn during thermal runaway. The complete system is safety certified.

Extreme flexibility

Based on 4 cabinets SUNSYS HES L is a modular energy storage system enabling a real flexibility in order to be as close as possible to your installation requirements.
In fact our power distribution cabinet is an engineering to order product that is designed on a case by case basis in full compliance with your own installation and your requirements.Based on standard equipment and pre-tested configurations, the design and quotation, installation and commissioning process is much faster.

Fast and safe installation

All cabinets present in our system are shipped completely assembled, with internal modules mounted, for maximum quality and minimum transportation cost and installation time.  To add quality and save additional time, our system is also delivered with all the DC cables needed to connect B-Cabs to C-Cabs.

The sum of best technologies

Thanks to a co-design between CATL and SOCOMEC you can be sure that the products are compatible and that the complete system has been validated and certified. The C-Cab has been designed to include everything needed for the battery operation: management system as well as power supply.  Finally, combination of quality and efficient elements gives a maximum AC/AC system round trip efficiency of up to 90%.

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for energy storage system SUNSYS HES L



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