The COUNTIS E5x is a built-in active and reactive electric energy meter for three-phase networks. You can connect up to 6000 A via TC.
The user can configure the TC report using the keyboard and display.

Conformity to standards

IEC 62053-23 Class 2
IEC 62053-22 Class 0.5S
IEC 61557-12


COUNTIS E5x is available in X versions

Item Model Application Type Communication ports Select
48503010 E50 Metering 3PH CT/5A
48503011 E53 Metering 3PH CT/5A RS485


RS485 MODBUS communication or pulse output

So you can centralise consumption easily, COUNTIS E5x units are equipped with either a pulse output or an RS485 MODBUS communication output.
Remotely configure your meters on models with RS485 communication.

Detection of connection errors

The COUNTIS E5x is protected against phase/neutral inversion and has an integrated test function to detect wiring errors. Installation errors can be corrected without having to remake connections. This simplifies the installation and commissioning, thereby reducing associated costs, and ensures that the device operates correctly.

Large backlit LCD display

Direct pushbutton access to multiple viewing screens that provide clear readings make COUNTIS E5x units easy to use. They directly display consumption and multi-measurement values: I, U, V, S, FP, etc.

Detection of connection errors

- Currents: instantaneous: I1, I2, I3
- Voltages: instantaneous: V1, V2, V3, U12, U23, U31
- Power: instantaneous 3P, 3Q, 3S, maximum average: 3P
- Power factor: instantaneous: 3PF
- Active energy: ± kWh
- Reactive energy: ± kvarh
- Apparent energy: kVAh

Direct display of Multi-measurement and metering values

- Current: realtime: I1, I2, I3
- Voltage: realtime: V1, V2, V3, U12, U23, U31, F
- Power: realtime 3P, 3Q, 3S, max. average: 3P
- Power factor: realtime: 3PF
- Active energy: ± kWh
- Reactive energy: ± kvarh
- Effective power: kVAh


  • Data center - Power for busway and tap-off
  • Infrastructure & Transport - Power for EV charging
  • Building - Energy storage behind the meter



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