Professional Development Seminars

Professional Development Seminars


Professional Development Seminars

Delivered by highly experienced Socomec Critical System Application Engineers and ideally suited to Electrical and Mechanical design/development engineers.
Hosted at your offices and including participants from 4 to 40, you will receive an individual presentation pack and a CPD certificate on completion.
Seminar Length- maximum 1 hour and organised around your schedule.



We currently offer 7 certified CPD seminars

  • General introduction to UPS system

      • Identifying the need for UPSs.
      • Basic operation and building blocks of a UPS system.
      • Comparison of UPS technologies.
      • Energy Storage options.
      • Adding System Redundancy
      • Communication and Monitoring options.
  • Earthing and Neutrals within Transformer and Transformer-less UPS

      • How the type of installations will affect the operation of the UPS.
      • How the Earth and Neutral connect to the UPS.
      • How different topographies of UPS manage the Neutral.
      • Potential problems.
      • Possible solutions
  • The application of 3 and 4 Pole STS units

      • Identification of the need for STSs.
      • The application of 3 Pole STSs.
      • The application of 4 Pole STSs.
      • The operation of ‘ATSM’ – Advanced Transformer Switching Management.
      • The application of a ‘ATSM’
  • Energy Management

    • Identify wasted energy, help reduce costs and cut carbon emissions with 3 key components:

      • Meters and monitoring devices.
      • Communication & data capture.
      • Software.
  • Power Quality Monitoring: causes, effects & solutions

      • Understand the causes:
        - harmonics
        - crest factors
        - electrical events
        - power factor
      • See the effects
      • Learn the solution to power quality issues
  • Automatic Transfer Switch essentials

      • Understand where ATS are required and how to implement them
      • Make decisions regarding when to include a bypass
      • Requirements for ATS (critical loads)
      • ATS application (location, timers, example of a changeover cycle)
      • ATS standards (BS 60947-6-1, BS 9999:2008, BS 8519:2010)
      • ATS Bypass
      • ATS technologies (contactor, circuit breaker, switch)
  • Why and Where to use Fuse Protection?

      • Fuse solution against circuit breakers
      • Where to use the fuse solution
      • Market segments for fuses
      • Applications for fuses
      • Maximum protection of the downstream load
      • Safety of operators and maintenance teams